Agri-Foods Systems Transformation
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    Agri-Foods Systems Transformation

    From Strategy to Action

    Agri-Foods Systems Transformation


    The Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei is pleased to announce the Special Event, “Agri-Foods Systems Transformation: From Strategy to Action” by H.E. QU Dongyu, Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, which will take place at the Colloquia on February 25th, 2021, at 4 pm. 

    The Lectio Magistralis will address one of the greatest tasks of the 21st century, namely to meet society's growing need for healthy, accessible and affordable food whilst simultaneously reducing the environmental impact of agriculture. A special focus will be put on the holistic vision and systemic approach that are required to face the global challenges of today, which are both complex and inter-related. An analysis in which food and agriculture, people’s livelihoods and wellbeing, as well as preservation of natural resources cannot be addressed in isolation, but rather perceived through the action-oriented lens of global agri-food systems transformation. A people-centred transformative effort that is driven by innovation, technology and data as well as effective institutions and governance.

    The Lectio Magistralis of H.E. QU Dongyu will be introduced by H.E. Amb. Giorgio Marrapodi, Director General for Development Cooperation of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and will be followed by a Round Table, moderated by Prof. Wolfango Plastino, Chair of the Colloquia on Science Diplomacy, which will be attended by Prof. Joachim von Braun, President of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, and Prof. Giorgio Parisi, President of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei.

    Agri-Foods Systems Transformation. From Strategy to Action

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